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Variety honours the Hillsborough 96

With the full support of Joe Anderson Mayor of Liverpool, BBC Radio Merseyside, the Liverpool Echo, Radio City and Margaret Aspinall Chairman of HFSG, Variety, the children’s charity, will be honouring and celebrating the lives of the Hillsborough 96 victims at a prestigious dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool on the 23rd November 2013.

Variety, the Children’s Charity is hoping to raise enough funds at the dinner for  two “Variety Sunshine Coaches” in honour and remembrance of the Hillsborough 96.

For more information please click here


One Response to Variety honours the Hillsborough 96

  • Ken Hobson (Salt & Vinegar). 2012 Sept 17th, sends his best wishes. says:

    Keep up the good work, we will eventually win, On You Tube, recently loaded is “DERAILED” BBC TV documentary on 1999 October 5th, Ladbroke Grove Head On train crash, killing 31m over 500 injured,
    Ken Hobson appears at 27 minute on 90 minute broadcast, I was named in “Credits” slight error in surname

    A few weeks ago, I came across a Report by Roy Bell, Signalling expert to Lord Cullen’s Ladbroke Grove Inquiry, WHICH states SIGNAL 109 at RED was TOTALLY OBSTRUCTED by LARGE INSULATOR.

    What Roy Bell goes onto to say “The fact was the RED OF 109 was OFFSET to the LEFT, and Signal Head . he could see was REFLECTLING BRIGHT SUNLIGHT from behind his line of sight.

    This head was clearly visible, although the RED was HIDDEN and the YELLOW aspects reflected brightest as I saw on 13th October 1999 (Date of head-on rrash 1999 October 5th, known possible and disregarded from 1998 February 5th, by Railtrack Plc and IGNORED by Health and Safety Executive and British Transport Police)

    In my (Roy Bell’s) opinion, that Hodder (Thames Train driver) wrongly thought he had a DOUBLE YELLOW at SN 109 and applied power, to his Paddington to Bedwyn train and turned LEFT at CONTROLED INTERLOCKED TRACK POINT 8059 “B”, and into an UNAVOIDABLE HEAD ON CRASH, something Labour Government, headed by Tony Blair, Prime Minister and John Prescott Deputy Prime Minister, DID NOT want the train travelling public to know, for this would cause collapse of RAILTRACK PLC SHARES, in which many Railway Trade Unions, had urged their members, to purchase RAILTRACK PLC SHARES, only to find them WORTHLESS, when Stephen Byers, Labour Transport Minister, closed Railtrack Plc, also London Stock Exchange, had been misled by Gerald Corbett, Chief Executive, Railtrack Plc and also House of Commons Transport Select Committee, when Corbett told them, Paddington station was safest in UK, It was, provided you stayed on platform, or did not join a train, to Paddington, but, PUBLIC as with Hillsborough Stadium, the public was kept in the dark, by such types as Sir Keith Bettison, who we have told, in writing on numerous occasions, even taken by HAND to his Secretary in Laburnum Road, Wakefield without reply.

    Give my kind regards to Margaret Aspinall, who I made CRY and LAUGH, when I visited your office, describing myself as SALT and VINEGAR to your FISH and CHIPS, thanks for “cuppa” and 30 minutes chat.

    Regards, Ken, still fighting for JUSTICE even though I am rapidly approaching 84yrs (Sept 11th)

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HFSG t-shirts are now available and come in two stylish designs. One which simply shows ninty six flowers in the shape of 96 (as above) and the other has the distinctive words "Justice for the 96".
Each tee shirt is printed and despatched from Liverpool Tees and for every t-shirt purchased £4 goes to the HFSG and will allow us to continue the fight for justice for the 96.

For more information and to get your t-shirt please visit Liverpool Tees.

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