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15th April 2016 – final Anfield Service

Margaret Aspinall yesterday announced the final service at Anfield:

Statement from Margaret Aspinall

Responding to the announcement of appointments to the press regulator, Margaret Aspinall, Chair of the Hillsborough Family Support Group, said:
“Given what the families – and indeed the city of Liverpool – have gone through at the hands of… Continue reading

IPCC Witness Appeal

You may have heard of the witness appeal that has been launched by the IPCC.

If you think you may be able to help in anyway please call the IPCC on 0300 200 0003

For more information about the… Continue reading

Saturday – A short film about the Hillsborough Disaster by Mike Forshaw

Mike Forshaw is hoping to produce a short film about the Hillsborough Disaster.

A successful short film can win awards, screen at film festivals or be shared online, but most never really find an audience. Mike and co are making… Continue reading

Variety honours the Hillsborough 96

With the full support of Joe Anderson Mayor of Liverpool, BBC Radio Merseyside, the Liverpool Echo, Radio City and Margaret Aspinall Chairman of HFSG, Variety, the children’s charity, will be honouring and celebrating the lives of the Hillsborough 96 victims… Continue reading

The Oliver King Foundation

“The chances of sudden heart attacks in apparently fit young people are tiny, but the consequences are neverthless tragic….”

Please take the time to sign this petition to have defibrillators introduced in public buildings:


For more information on the… Continue reading

Thanking you all for your support and wishing you a very happy Christmas

This week has been another monumental week for the Hillsborough Family Support Group:

Firstly, on 19th December, we had the fabulous news that the original inquest verdicts had been quashed, this is news all our families have waited over 23… Continue reading

Leveson and Hillsborough

We need a free and fearless press.

Without it, one of the biggest cover-ups this country has seen would probably never have been exposed.

We will always be grateful to the journalists who wouldn’t let go.  And we continue… Continue reading


The Hillsborough Family Support Group today welcomed the decision of West Yorkshire Chief Constable Sir Norman Bettison to resign with immediate effect.  The move was confirmed in a statement issued by the West Yorkshire Police Authority.

 Trevor Hicks,… Continue reading

Project 96

HFSG thank Bob McCluskey for his great idea of support with Project 96:

Project 96 is an ongoing project featuring 96 limited edition signed photographs.

Each photograph is personally signed and is a limited edition run of 96.

All… Continue reading

The Hillsborough Independent Panel
Hillsborough Independent Panel Get all the latest news here!

HFSG t-shirts


HFSG t-shirts are now available and come in two stylish designs. One which simply shows ninty six flowers in the shape of 96 (as above) and the other has the distinctive words "Justice for the 96".
Each tee shirt is printed and despatched from Liverpool Tees and for every t-shirt purchased £4 goes to the HFSG and will allow us to continue the fight for justice for the 96.

For more information and to get your t-shirt please visit Liverpool Tees.

Thank you

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