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IPCC Witness Appeal

You may have heard of the witness appeal that has been launched by the IPCC.

If you think you may be able to help in anyway please call the IPCC on 0300 200 0003

For more information about the appeal, please click on the link below:

Thank you for your support.

Margaret Aspinall, Chairman, HFSG

6 Responses to IPCC Witness Appeal

  • Mike Carey says:

    In my profession we usually get a receipt for a statement. is that possible or do I have to give photographs of my statement to the judge presiding

    • Sue Roberts says:

      Please see response from IPCC:
      If Mike had contact with to West Midlands Police in 1989 and would like to see a copy of his witness account – which could a be a questionnaire and/or a full statement then we can help him with that – just needs to email

      If Mike has not yet got in touch with the IPCC’s witness appeal and wants to, we’d urge him to do so if he feels able to. He can call us on 0300 200 0003 or use the online form:

  • mike Carey says:

    I wish I could give comfort to those that died that day! I was lucky to be the first on the standing area and had the opportunity to get out? I was only 19 and from a small village in Lancashire, I had been to anfield only twenty times before I bought my season ticket in 1986. I,m still sorry that I did not help the dying and injured. I was not in shock, but confused. I saw A police officer, who looked like he was in a control box, looking with disdain at what he thought were scum. it was the way he stood and looked with disdain. people around me threw one and two pence pieces towards him and cried that people were dying. This went on for quite a few minutes. cries of open the gates open the bloody feckin gates went unheeded. He had a stick, I’ll always remember the way he walked around with that stick, like he thought he was the king or something. I only saw one person die. It still haunts me, a man put something over his head and intimated to his friends that he was dead. I wish I could remember the times of the incident because I know it is extremely important now. I know it was after the only ambulance turned up and at least ten minutes I think. it was certainly after the lads ran to get the hoardings to use as stretchers.

  • Mike Carey says:

    I just want the truth to come out so people have justice. I don’t blame anyone, but please let the truth be heard in court so that justice can be served. I was stood at gate c when the order was made to open the gate. I went into the stadium through the tunnel. I climbed over a fence and headed towards the right hand side of leppings lane. I watched a disaster unfold in front of my eyes. I saw other things that I have kept hidden for a long time.

  • Iain Gibson says:

    I was interviewed yesterday by members of the iPCC who are conducting the investigation into Hillsborough. Please, I you were at the game, get in contact with them. Around 2,000 have so far out of the 10,000 that were on the terraces and thousands more who were involved in that day. Every piece of information is vital in the reconstruction of what happened that day. The interview was conducted in a caring and sympathetic manner at a time and place of my choosing. Don’t leave it to someone else, we all have different stories and views of the events. The fight for justice for the 96 needs your input. Make the call…

  • JOHN BOCKING says:

    i gave a statement to West Midlands Police on the 20th April 1989..

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